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Please use the letter on this page to send to your local politicians and
fire departments to ask them to write an endorsement letter for the retired
FDNY Heroes!!!!

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Beginning September 1st, you will also be able to find letters to send to
the FDNY Commissioner, media outlets, NY City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and other local politicians that shows you endorse recognizing the retired FDNY " 9/11 Forgotten Heroes" on this page.

Letter to send to your local politicians/fire departments asking them to
write an endorsement letter for the retired FDNY Heroes:

To whom it may concern,

On behalf of the retired FDNY "9/11 Forgotten Heroes" and the Corrigan
family, I am writing to ask for a letter of endorsement from you for Captain
Jim Corrigan (FDNY 24+ years & NYPD 7+ years), Firefighter Phil Hayes (FDNY 20+ years) and Firefighter Bill Wren (FDNY 25+ years) to be recognized by the City of New York as FDNY members and listed on the Wall of Honor at FDNY Headquarters.

Your letter can be sent to:
9/11 Forgotten Heroes
548 Broadway- 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10012

As I am sure you are already aware, in addition to the 343 active firemen
lost, 3 retired firefighters gave their lives in the rescue on 9/11/01. Even
though Senate Bill S4373* passed, The Bloomberg administration has refused to recognize these men as firemen on the FDNY Wall of Honor and in the official count of lost firefighters. We are currently trying to get the same act to pass in the Assembly (Bill A9036).

Those who have been privileged to be a part of the Fire Department family
know that the job becomes part of your blood. Both active and retired
members share the same willingness to risk their lives to save others. Jim
Corrigan, Phil Hayes, and Bill Wren all acted as they had throughout their
careers, as New York City Firemen.

In their final moments, Jim Corrigan (WTC Fire & Life Safety Coordinator),
Phil Hayes (WTC Fire Director) and Bill Wren (WTC Fire Director) ushered
children from one of the WTC daycare centers to safety. They then returned
to their posts where they perished saving others.

Governor Pataki signed into law a bill reinstating all three men to active
duty firemen on 9/11/01 so that they would be properly included with their
" brothers". Today, their names remain missing from the FDNY wall at
headquarters honoring fallen firemen. All National Memorials include these
men, yet the city continues to intentionally omit them. What will it take
for the city to honor these men properly and allow three grieving families
to begin healing?

The lack of support seems to be the view of a select few who do not
appreciate the heroic and lifesaving efforts that have become the very face
of American patriotism and bravery. The same few perhaps that would have the FD caisson taken away from us (by order of the Commissioner’s office) 40 minutes before my Father's funeral….the same few who would give us an empty Tiffany box (and no Department medals) on medal day. It was the IAFF, UFOA and UFA who recognized us. To say that my already grieving family was devastated by the Department’s cruel and insensitive actions would be a major understatement.

Commissioner Scoppetta stated since 1865, the Department has maintained a tradition of including only "active" members on the Wall of Honor. In
Chapter 468, New York State Laws of 2002. It states, "….shall be deemed, as
of September 11, 2001 to have been fully reinstated to FULL ACTIVE
employment status….." His position seems to be at odds with this law as well
another FDNY tradition, brotherhood. There were 346 ACTIVE members lost on 9-11.

My father, FF Hayes and FF Wren lost their lives while under the direct
supervision of the FDNY, evacuating both firefighters and civilians. Based
on a lifetime of service to New York City, we ask for your endorsement that
Jim Corrigan, Phil Hayes and Bill Wren be included on the FDNY Wall of
Heroes for their heroics and dedication. They deserve this recognition and
with your help, it can be attained. Please help us get Assembly Bill A9036
passed by writing a letter of endorsement.

Warmest Regards,

9/11 Forgotten Heroes
E-mail: ForgottenHeroes911@yahoo.com
Petition: http://www.petitiononline.com/Roses911/petition.html
Webpage: http://www/adamsangels.org/forgottenheroes911.html

*An Act to make certain parents, widows and children of certain firefighters
dying at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 eligible for special
accidental death benefits pursuant to section 208-f of the general municipal
law- see www.AdamsAngels.org/ForgottenHeroes911.html for complete Bills.